A Displaced Wisdom Tooth


Saw this amazing and somewhat terrifying case today during my external rotation at the oral surgeons office. The wisdom tooth can be seen in the X-ray just floating above all the other teeth. Apparently it was pushed up there by an abscess into the maxillary sinus which is why it didn’t cause any pain but just congestion for this poor man. But this doesn’t happen overnight. This man hadn’t seen the dentist until he was 19 and it was an easy spot for his dentist to overlook…although it should have been caught early on before it got this bad. I think the patient was something in his late 30s. The doctor said that the abscess would have a grape-like feel to it as it pushes into the sinus space with epithelial tissue growing inside it with nowhere else for it to go.

About two years ago (wow I can’t believe it’s been that long!) when I was working in another oral surgery office before dental school we saw a case just like this and the oral surgeon went in, drained the abscess, and removed the tooth. It was kind of a mess with black and brownish colored pus coming out of the abscess. Shadowing today was very eventful and reminded me of the days before dental school when I worked in the office. Plus, I’m starting to get to know specialists in the area to whom I may eventually refer patients out to if I ever join a practice in town.

I also asked the doctor what he would suggest in terms of making it easier for the oral surgeon. He said to be proactive. For example, he said many kids who need their wisdom teeth removed don’t get them removed until they have pain or when the surgery would be more drastic due to more developed roots, etc which can lead to a higher risk of complications. He said it’s much better to tell the patient that the surgery could wait rather than telling the patient that it’s too late.

A Walk in the Park


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

We finally got a short break (although I guess you could call this “the calm before the storm”) since our next set of exams is in two weeks during which we’ll have 2-3 exams each day straight for a week. Taking around 14 classes doesn’t always give us a ton of time to relax and do other non-dentistry related things. I used to write A LOT and admittedly, at times I feel like a brainless, studying machine with most of my energy allotted to wrought memorization rather than critical thinking and analysis. Continue reading “A Walk in the Park”

The Immigrants’ March in Ann Arbor

Coming from a family of immigrants, it was an honor to be able to march (and take photos!) in solidarity with everyone yesterday (March 25, 2017). The march was amazing. So many people had really creative and witty signs and of course I tried to capture every single one of them as well as the people behind them.

The group started at the federal building and made their way to the diag and the famous steps of the Hatcher grad student library where a countless number of other protests have taken place throughout history. Continue reading “The Immigrants’ March in Ann Arbor”

An Escape to Paris


Warning: This is a long one (with a ton of pictures)! But if you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll understand why ❤

Over spring break I went to Paris! E and I made the decision to visit during break since one of his housemates, Mireille, is an architecture professor at UM and generously offered to let us stay in her apartment in Paris during the week. She’s usually there during the spring and summer so during these cold winter months, the apartment remains mostly unoccupied. One of the things she shared with us before our visit was a piece she wrote for an architecture journal published here called “Postcards from Paris” where she depicts the past and present of her neighborhood and the surrounding areas in both a critical and informative narrative.

Apparently E and I didn’t get the memo that for Americans, Paris is simply a place to propose to your girlfriend. Being in a 2 year serious relationship, we
Continue reading “An Escape to Paris”

Petoskey Stone Polishing in SimLab

Last July, E and I went up to Traverse City, one of the most beautiful, small town vacation spots in Michigan (if you haven’t gone I would definitely recommend it). This was our second time up there together and besides brewery hopping and wine tasting, we collected the famous Petoskey Stones that can be found all along the Michigan coastline.


They look almost like regular stones when they’re not wet because you can’t see the patterns on them so you’ll find most tourists (like us) hunting for them in the water. Continue reading “Petoskey Stone Polishing in SimLab”

Winter Sunset

The nice thing about living in the grad student dorm is the view from the top. On the top floor there’s a nice track that runs around the roof, study rooms, and a small “convenience” shop. I’ve studied up here a lot this semester because the study rooms are conveniently close and have a lot of natural light  (unlike my windowless prison of a room).


Dental school has kept me pretty busy so I’ve basically put photography on hold for a while. I’d love to keep maintaining this blog but I’ll probably have more photos from my iPhone than my DSLR. Almost done with finals and SO ready for the 2 week break. Continue reading “Winter Sunset”

Living (a little)

This weekend I managed to have a tiny bit of down time to have my sis take some autumn pics with me and E. I was actually really surprised that E was willing to do this with me! The photos turned out nicely and I was able to revive my rusty editing skills when I used to work as a professional portrait photographer before dental school.


So, rather than studying for the upcoming exams (Infection & Immunity quiz Monday, Behavioral Science Quiz Wednesday, CMB quiz #3 and Cariology Midterm Friday) I ended up attending my first tailgate, having our own home-made lobster dinner with E and friends, made pancakes in the morning, and watched part of a movie. It was nice to finally relax and live a little bit especially on a weekend that E had off. With his rotation I’ve been seeing him maybe once a twice a week but it honestly helps that we’re both busy and, although I worried about this, I don’t have those painful cravings to spend more time with him like I used to. I think a lot has to do with the fact that we trust each other so much and that we both want to support each other despite our busy schedules because we understand each others’ struggles. Plus, it also makes the time I do get to spend with him so much more valuable.

Okay, now back to the studying marathon!!