Good Posture


In case you were wondering what we look like during our practicals.

Unfortunately, dentists aren’t known for their good posture…although we try.  Recently we had a group of physical therapy students come into the dental school to observe how our posture looked like during various procedures and in the sim lab. They also observed us during one of our graded practicals and unfortunately this is what we looked like! I remember our professor telling us that if we don’t maintain good posture, many of us already start having back problems by our second year…

There are a lot of adjustments we can make. The height of the seat, the angle of the light, turning the head of our manikin (and yes it’s spelled manikin), using the mirror for indirect vision, and of course our loupes are supposed to help too. I try to be aware of this but when something is graded sometimes you forget about your aching back until after the practical.

A Walk in the Park


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

We finally got a short break (although I guess you could call this “the calm before the storm”) since our next set of exams is in two weeks during which we’ll have 2-3 exams each day straight for a week. Taking around 14 classes doesn’t always give us a ton of time to relax and do other non-dentistry related things. I used to write A LOT and admittedly, at times I feel like a brainless, studying machine with most of my energy allotted to wrought memorization rather than critical thinking and analysis. Continue reading “A Walk in the Park”

Behind the Scenes

Decided to surprise everyone with an impromptu photoshoot. We’ve been working on Class I’s and II’s on our typodonts and some extra credit caries removal on real, extracted teeth. This semester has generally been a challenge because we have some many projects and so many deadlines. Here are some of my happy classmates during a slightly less stressful week plus a couple of our row instructors:

The Immigrants’ March in Ann Arbor

Coming from a family of immigrants, it was an honor to be able to march (and take photos!) in solidarity with everyone yesterday (March 25, 2017). The march was amazing. So many people had really creative and witty signs and of course I tried to capture every single one of them as well as the people behind them.

The group started at the federal building and made their way to the diag and the famous steps of the Hatcher grad student library where a countless number of other protests have taken place throughout history. Continue reading “The Immigrants’ March in Ann Arbor”

Paint and Pour with Tiff

Sometimes in dental school we have time for Paint & Pour 😀 Tiff just started her new job here since she’s an amazing painter and the place hired her pretty quickly as a teacher. I could def see why. Before starting as a teacher she was invited to a class and was also welcome to bring a friend!

Upon entering dental school I feel like everyone is afraid that they won’t find their “group” of friends since usually the class sizes are small. Since last June I’ve seen a lot of friend groups change including my own but what I’ve noticed is that everyone eventually finds someone they click with. Since we spend SO much time together it’s almost impossible not to.

An Escape to Paris


Warning: This is a long one (with a ton of pictures)! But if you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll understand why ❤

Over spring break I went to Paris! E and I made the decision to visit during break since one of his housemates, Mireille, is an architecture professor at UM and generously offered to let us stay in her apartment in Paris during the week. She’s usually there during the spring and summer so during these cold winter months, the apartment remains mostly unoccupied. One of the things she shared with us before our visit was a piece she wrote for an architecture journal published here called “Postcards from Paris” where she depicts the past and present of her neighborhood and the surrounding areas in both a critical and informative narrative.

Apparently E and I didn’t get the memo that for Americans, Paris is simply a place to propose to your girlfriend. Being in a 2 year serious relationship, we
Continue reading “An Escape to Paris”

Life After an Exam

I wish I could trick myself every day that my next exam was tomorrow. I don’t know what it is but as soon as I walk out of an exam I cannot focus for the life of me despite having another exam coming up (or three next week actually). In fact I ended up spending about 2 hours deciding which pairs of shoes (specifically, 6 various pairs of black leather booties or boho-looking beige booties) I would buy. It was a wonderful waste of an evening (and in case you were wondering, I decided not to buy any because I realized I don’t look very good in booties).

The nice thing about this semester is that there is a lot less busy work. People say that D1 Winter term is supposedly harder than the Fall term but so far it seems to be a lot more manageable probably in part because I’ve gotten used to the course load as well as learning how to study for so much at a time (like what did I ever complain about in undergrad). Also, I think I do a lot better when I can concentrate on just a test rather than a bunch of little quizzes and homework assignment. I never thought I would say this, but I would much prefer to have 2-3 big exams (non-cumulative) for each class than a bunch of little homework assignments that distract me from studying.

Anyways, I finally did get a few slides of Nervous System in and a good late night workout. Goodnight!