Hello! I’m Liane, a second year dental student at the University of Michigan. And you’ve just stumbled upon my field journal through dental school!! I started this blog as a window into my life as a dental student and a way to reach out to pre-dental students or anyone looking to pursue dentistry as a career.14859759_10155197527337788_7570949799522849959_o

A bit about myself, I love food, mimosas, hiking, herpetology, portrait photography, golden doodles, and yorki-poos (no specific order there). I grew up in Ann Arbor and have lived here my whole life having graduated from UM in 2014 with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. When I’m not in school, you can find me exploring local parks or at the Michigan Sailing Club at Baseline Lake where I met the bf, E ❤

One of the best parts about my future career as a dentist, is the lifestyle and flexibility to keep up with my hobbies and pursue what I love even outside of dentistry. Which means I can continue to take pictures, sing, sail on the weekends, practice yoga, and watch Northern Michigan sunsets after a day of caring for patients.

And of course, my favorite part about blogging is the community. Having an interactive community makes all the difference. Have a question or comment? Or just want to drop by to say hello? Send me a message!


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