Procrastination and Temps

I have been procrastinating so terribly for my exam tomorrow. I went through all the lectures yesterday and today, there were only 8 this time (which is probably why I have been taking it way too easy), and it’s in pharmacology, a subject that is interesting and actually applicable. But going over everything and getting things to stick has been a hard thing to try to make myself do when all I want to do is everything except that. In general, I think I need some sort of panic in order to make myself study. I am just not disciplined enough. I wouldn’t say I “thrive” on panic, but it definitely makes me a much more efficient person.

Anyways this morning we worked on making “temps!” A temp is a temporary “tooth” that we make from a plastic stent to place over a crown prep. So for example if you had a bad cavity where we had to remove a lot of the tooth structure including all the cusps, we’d carve the tooth in a way to fit a crown, take impressions and send them to the lab, but since making the crown takes time we have to place something over the prep to protect the sensitive dentin in the meantime aka a temporary. We have a practical coming up Monday that involves both the prep and the crown so we’ve been working on these for the past week.

Honestly, temps have been kind of fun. It’s functional art and we get to use tools to carve the temp to look like a real tooth. Interesting, one classmate told us that his mother, a dentist, had told him not to make the temps “too good” otherwise patients won’t come back for the crown! Interesting advice, but I’ve definitely heard stories of temps lasting a lot longer than they were intended.


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