Ann Arbor 10K

Like I said, you make the best friends in dental school. Tiff and I made the crazy decision to run a 10k. Well actually, she’s a little more crazy because just a few months earlier she had completed a half marathon so this was nothing for her. But for me, this was my first! It was crazy because I had never run this far before in one go. I had trained up to around 4.5 miles but a 10k was a lot closer to 6 miles.


They say if you can run 2-3 miles then you can run 6 miles and if you can run 6 miles then you can run a half marathon. Not sure if that last part is totally true but I certainly felt really great after the race. We ran through downtown Ann Arbor and along the river down the beautiful Huron River Drive. The weather was also perfect as it was cloudy and the air was crisp but with a bit of humidity aka perfect jogging weather.

And here I was the night before carbo loading 😉 An excuse to eat as much pasta as I want…I’ll take it.


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