Life After an Exam

I wish I could trick myself every day that my next exam was tomorrow. I don’t know what it is but as soon as I walk out of an exam I cannot focus for the life of me despite having another exam coming up (or three next week actually). In fact I ended up spending about 2 hours deciding which pairs of shoes (specifically, 6 various pairs of black leather booties or boho-looking beige booties) I would buy. It was a wonderful waste of an evening (and in case you were wondering, I decided not to buy any because I realized I don’t look very good in booties).

The nice thing about this semester is that there is a lot less busy work. People say that D1 Winter term is supposedly harder than the Fall term but so far it seems to be a lot more manageable probably in part because I’ve gotten used to the course load as well as learning how to study for so much at a time (like what did I ever complain about in undergrad). Also, I think I do a lot better when I can concentrate on just a test rather than a bunch of little quizzes and homework assignment. I never thought I would say this, but I would much prefer to have 2-3 big exams (non-cumulative) for each class than a bunch of little homework assignments that distract me from studying.

Anyways, I finally did get a few slides of Nervous System in and a good late night workout. Goodnight!