What Happens if You Don’t Get That Interview?

If December 1st rolls around and you still haven’t received that interview then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to admissions. Oftentimes, this is crucial for those applying to schools out-of-state if you cannot schedule an appointment to meet with the admissions director/coordinator (which I always recommend). My advice comes from mentors and other students who have done the same. The goal is to make sure admissions “sees” you. Schools base a lot of their decision process not solely on grades and academic success but also on the chances that the candidates they select will accept their offer. So if you don’t reach out to them they may otherwise have no idea that you really wanted to go to their school.

Here was my email to the admission coordinator for school X that I sent in November 2015.

Dear Dr. X,

I hope your semester is going well. My name is L and I am an applicant for the upcoming 2016 dental school year. I know this is a busy time for you but I was hoping you could check on the status of my application, and let me know if I could provide any additional information to help the decision process. I have heard great things about the clinical strength of X dental school as well as the helpful nature of professors and the abundance of resources, and I would love a chance to talk more about them in person during an interview. With other invitations coming in, I would like to schedule those around a X interview should a time conflict occur. My AADSAS # is —– and my application was considered complete on AADSAS on July 7th. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time,

First, I didn’t want to be annoying since the admissions officers probably already receive more emails than they’d like, so I acknowledged that I understood that this was a busy time. I also explained the things I liked in the dental school to express my interest while describing that I would plan other interviews around this interview to show that it is my priority. I also provided my AADSAS number to make things a little easier on their end.

I ended up getting an interview offer from them the next month in January 2016 (although I chose to attend another school). Point being: if I didn’t send the email and have some sort of correspondence to express my interest to the admissions coordinator, they may never have known that I was really interested in attending their school. A lot of people apply to many schools as backups and most schools (especially state schools) have preferences for students who are in-state. Making the effort to reach out to out-of-state schools can be really important!


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