Petoskey Stone Polishing in SimLab

Last July, E and I went up to Traverse City, one of the most beautiful, small town vacation spots in Michigan (if you haven’t gone I would definitely recommend it). This was our second time up there together and besides brewery hopping and wine tasting, we collected the famous Petoskey Stones that can be found all along the Michigan coastline.


They look almost like regular stones when they’re not wet because you can’t see the patterns on them so you’ll find most tourists (like us) hunting for them in the water. Continue reading “Petoskey Stone Polishing in SimLab”

Winter Sunset

The nice thing about living in the grad student dorm is the view from the top. On the top floor there’s a nice track that runs around the roof, study rooms, and a small “convenience” shop. I’ve studied up here a lot this semester because the study rooms are conveniently close and have a lot of natural light  (unlike my windowless prison of a room).


Dental school has kept me pretty busy so I’ve basically put photography on hold for a while. I’d love to keep maintaining this blog but I’ll probably have more photos from my iPhone than my DSLR. Almost done with finals and SO ready for the 2 week break. Continue reading “Winter Sunset”

What Happens if You Don’t Get That Interview?

If December 1st rolls around and you still haven’t received that interview then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to admissions. Oftentimes, this is crucial for those applying to schools out-of-state if you cannot schedule an appointment to meet with the admissions director/coordinator (which I always recommend). My advice comes from mentors and other students who have done the same. The goal is to make sure admissions “sees” you. Schools base a lot of their decision process not solely on grades and academic success but also on the chances that the candidates they select will accept their offer. So if you don’t reach out to them they may otherwise have no idea that you really wanted to go to their school.

Here was my email to the admission coordinator for school X that I sent in November 2015.

Dear Dr. X, Continue reading “What Happens if You Don’t Get That Interview?”

The Best Bday Present

Wow it’s been exactly a year since I found out about my acceptance into dental school on December 1, 2015! It was probably one of the best birthday presents I could ever ask for. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had applied to 16 schools, received 6 interviews and 5 acceptances (I didn’t attend one of the interviews because the plane ticket was a little pricey and it was a bit lower on my list). My interviews started in September (in order) – University of New England, University of Indiana, University of Detroit Mercy, Tufts, and University of Michigan. I always had my eyes on Michigan for a number of reasons.

The day of I remember waking up at 5AM and immediately checking my email. I found my first acceptance from Indiana University. I was happy to know that at least I would be a dentist somewhere somehow! But of course I was still anxious. I really couldn’t stop myself so the next thing I did was log in to student doctor network (not always the best idea) and prowl around Continue reading “The Best Bday Present”