Living (a little)

This weekend I managed to have a tiny bit of down time to have my sis take some autumn pics with me and E. I was actually really surprised that E was willing to do this with me! The photos turned out nicely and I was able to revive my rusty editing skills when I used to work as a professional portrait photographer before dental school.


So, rather than studying for the upcoming exams (Infection & Immunity quiz Monday, Behavioral Science Quiz Wednesday, CMB quiz #3 and Cariology Midterm Friday) I ended up attending my first tailgate, having our own home-made lobster dinner with E and friends, made pancakes in the morning, and watched part of a movie. It was nice to finally relax and live a little bit especially on a weekend that E had off. With his rotation I’ve been seeing him maybe once a twice a week but it honestly helps that we’re both busy and, although I worried about this, I don’t have those painful cravings to spend more time with him like I used to. I think a lot has to do with the fact that we trust each other so much and that we both want to support each other despite our busy schedules because we understand each others’ struggles. Plus, it also makes the time I do get to spend with him so much more valuable.

Okay, now back to the studying marathon!!


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