FitBit Flex 2

I finally decided to get a FitBit! I actually got it because one of my dental school professors paused his lecture to tell us this story about his fitbit and the major competition he was apparently having with one of his buddies. His story included something about taking two long walks with the dog, walking in the arboretum with his wife, and taking another night time walk (all in the same day!) just to beat his friend in this step count thing. Anyways, it sounded amazing so instead of paying attention in class…I ended up shopping for a FitBit. After a bit of research over the next few days I finally decided on the FitBit Flex 2, the newest AND cheapest one on the market PLUS it came in purple, which, if you know me well, is an obsession of mine. I can easily convince myself to buy things as long as they are purple or….it works the other way around too…I can convince myself NOT to buy something because it doesn’t come in purple.


I had done some research on other smart tracker as well like the Leaf or Pebble but there were some major drawbacks…like the fact that I have freakishly tiny wrists so no smartwatch or whatever would ever fit on my wrist comfortably or look even remotely normal (and neither of these trackers came in purple). I also heard some reviews that the Leaf was not entirely accurate in terms of counting steps…which kind of defeats the main purpose of having a STEP tracker. Also, these two others options, with features and aesthetics that I wanted were a little higher than my budget ~$150-$200 whereas the FitBit Flex 2 was a steal at $99.

Since the FitBit Flex 2 was brand new, it would take 2-3 weeks to ship out. So I actually used the FitBit app for a while before the tracker actually came in. I was wondering if I even really needed the FitBit tracker since it appeared that the app could count your steps through your phone. I soon realized that it was quite inaccurate as I was getting only around 1,100 steps every day whereas when I wear the FitBit I’m getting around 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day on study days. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my phone is not attached to my body like the FitBit would be. I’m sure my phone was not getting a ton of steps while in backpack.

When the FitBit Flex 2 finally came in, I was really excited! The box came with two bands, a large and small and both are adjustable. I think sending both bands is a little excessive. I don’t plan on doing anything with the larger band since the package comes with a single tracker (that inserts into the band). I mean they also give the band measurements, so if you have time to measure your wrist size you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the small or large band.


Anyways I’m really excited to actually start using this to track my exercises. I haven’t really been doing a good job with that since dental school started. I can’t even use the excuse that I “don’t have time” because when I do have time, I find myself lazing around. I do bike to class every day so I’m still trying to figure out how to manually enter that since there doesn’t seem to be that option on the app itself. Not to mention that I also biked 4 miles today (a Sunday!)…2 of which were uphill!

Another reason I got the FitBit is so I could compete with friends. My ultimate goal is to get one for E, my sis, mum, and dad eventually…and then we can all compete and “send” cheers and taunts through the app and maybe even provide me with an incentive to get moving. I figured I’d try it out first.

So I’m not sure how accurate the weight loss part of the app is. Maybe I’m not using it right but I’m pretty sure you just enter in the weight yourself. It says that I lost 2.5 lb since September 26th but looking at the past two entries I have, I had put my weight then as 94 lb…then later I entered my weight as 93.4 lb and so I’m not exactly sure how they got that 2.5 lb loss? Maybe they’re just trying to make me happy. But I’m pretty sure I did not lose any weight.

The fitbit also tracks my sleep! I’ve used it for the past two nights and I am really very surprised at how accurate it is. I can even see that late night I lost almost an hour and a half of sleep because E and I got into a little kerfuffle. SO accurate. The band also is not uncomfortable to sleep in. I had this fear that maybe I would be overly conscious of the band on my wrist knowing that it would track my movements while sleeping and thus prevent me from sleeping but I really just forget that it’s there.

The app has a couple of other things like liquid intake, calorie intake, but I don’t think I’m going to be using those features since most of the time I’m either drinking out of a water fountain or a funny shaped mug. In terms of counting calories, I never found that appealing, plus how would I ever know the calories in my food when I eat out? Which unfortunately I do a lot nowadays.

And of course, the tracker itself is awesome. It really is fascinating watching the steps increase with each step you take. I didn’t think it would be that freakishly accurate that I could watch the numbers change. But, like any step tracker, you can trick it pretty easily. Which, of course, isn’t the point, but who hasn’t owned a FitBit and tried to trick it? If I wave my arms around the right way, sometimes I can fool the tracker into thinking that I’m actually walking around. I’ve also heard attaching it to your dog works too.

So far it’s been a fun little toy to have and I can’t wait to actually start using it for runs and to track my exercise. Time to get toned!


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