Yoga Challenge

For the past week I had been posting yoga photos on insta for the daily yoga challenge. On Monday night I found out that I had won the grand prize, a full semester of unlimited yoga!! I’m pretty sure my two classmates who are heavily connected to the studio may have had something to do with it 😉 Either way I am elated. I definitely plan to go to the studio after exams this Monday.

Indirect Vision

I was really excited and looking forward to this session where we would finally start doing real dentist things like drilling while only using the mirror to guide us.

We started off by using only the small mouth mirror on the table top to write “I love dental school” on a sheet of paper so that it could be read correctly in the mirror. This task was painfully difficult. I wondered if I couldn’t do this how long would it take for me to be comfortable working in someone’s mouth with just a mirror to rely on? I wondered, could all practicing dentists do this perfectly and with ease?

We quickly moved to the next step and attached the ivorine block to the maxilla of the typodont and then attached this to our mannikin heads, simulating the angle we’d be in to drill a tooth in a patient’s mouth. (I actually lost my rubber band that the faculty apparently had set on our table top last week. I vaguely remember seeing it and assumed someone had left it there on accident. So I didn’t bother storing it away for next session…Am I the most absent-minded person or what? In the meantime I’ve been using img_9163my hair tie and cutting out the rubber band-like edge of the gloves to attach the typodont to the ivorine block)

Thankfully, drilling the Form 1’s at this angle was WAY easier than I had expected. It was surprisingly much easier than trying to write an inverted version of my name on the tabletop using just the mirror as reference. The professors mentioned that you had to “re-train” your mind to get used to using the mirror while drilling.

Four podcasts later I had made six Form 1’s along the edges of the ivorine block. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re in the SimLab. Doing these Form 1’s is really addicting. I feel that urge to do “just one more” even though I’ve already been in lab for 3 hours and then I can’t stop until I really will myself to get out of lab. A couple more sessions in the Sim Lab and I think I’d be ready for the timed practical.

The hardest thing about dental school is all the technical stuff I have to remember like actually getting signatures for these Form 1’s. I don’t know why it just slipped my mind but by the end of class I realized I was supposed to get these signatures. Unfortunately professors are not allowed to sign off your sheets for the Form 1’s outside of class time…so I talked to one of the professors and he wrote my name down and told me he could sign it off next class period.

Beginning Hand Skills

Since fall semester has started we’ve finally gotten to start waxing tooth #8 and drilling Form 1’s (3x5x2mm in an ivorine block) using a handpiece. I love this class so much and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to finally do this. First of all, it’s like an art class where we can put in our headphones and get in the zone. I’ve always been a relatively artsy fartsy person so I had Continue reading “Beginning Hand Skills”