Original Dental Building Postcards

Earlier this week I stopped by the local antique store, Antelope Antiques, with my parents and sister after a sushi lunch at Nagomi to check it out since my parents had never been. It’s a cute, eclectic little shop with items found from various points of history, including a couple of toys from my mother’s childhood.

I was really excited to come these vintage photos of our dental school!! They were postcards of the original dental building that I didn’t even know had existed. The postcard even had writing on the back as well as old stamps. I took some photos with my phone but decided to go back and actually buy a few of them.

The first photo is of the original building of our dental school which was erected in 1908 and was (unfortunately) demolished in 1969 to make room for the new building. It’s still a mystery to me why they decided to demolish the original, classically beautiful building. I’ve also heard rumors that they’ve been planning on demolishing the Ruthven’s Natural Science Building next door for the past 6 years as they are transferring the remaining ethanol specimens to the new varsity drive location where there is modern ventilation, a good fire alarm system, and rolling shelves. I hope the new building will fit in with the overall elegant architecture of the remaining campus buildings. The second photo is of downtown 1907 on Main Street. Look at the horse and buggy! It’s incredible how the original architecture of most of these buildings is still here. The third photo is of the engineering building arch. They say if you kiss your sweetheart here you’ll be married. E may have been surprised by a spontaneous kiss here…

And here are more photos of the old dental school along with it’s eventual development into the dental building we have today. (source 1, source 2, source 3)


4 thoughts on “Original Dental Building Postcards

  1. I like a lot of old architecture and photos. They have a certain warmth to them, if that makese sense. I think they only renovate old buildings if they think they can get them up to code quickly. dont quote me on this.lol

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    1. I agree! I love vintage photos in general for that reason. A lot of the university buildings are getting renovated because of new safety standards. The Ruthvens museum is a very very old building, although beautiful I’m not sure what they’d do during a fire with all those jars of ethanol.

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