Original Dental Building Postcards

Earlier this week I stopped by the local antique store, Antelope Antiques, with my parents and sister after a sushi lunch at Nagomi to check it out since my parents had never been. It’s a cute, eclectic little shop with items found from various points of history, including a couple of toys from my mother’s childhood.

I was really excited to come these vintage photos of our dental school!! They were postcards of the original dental building that I didn’t even know had existed. The postcard even had writing on the back as well as old stamps. I took some photos with my phone but decided to go back and actually buy a few of them.

The first photo is of the original building of our dental school which was erected in 1908 and was (unfortunately) demolished in 1969 to make room for the new building. It’s still a mystery to me why they decided to demolish the original, classically beautiful building. I’ve also heard Continue reading “Original Dental Building Postcards”

Wisdom Teeth Removal


I finally got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday!! I was really lucky because I was able to go to the oral surgeon whom I had worked as an assistant with last year. I remember during those months I had learned a ton and had seen procedures ranging from a simple wisdom tooth extraction to hours of removing tumors from the face of a lifelong smoker.

Thankfully, based on my experience, the wisdom teeth extractions tend to be the most simple and straight-forward. So I called the office last week and had talked to the receptionist who informed me that they were booked until September. I was hoping to have my teeth removed the following week during my break…which I know was a long shot, since usually these appointments are booked a few weeks in advance or more. I decided to text Dr. K personally and see if he might have any availabilities. He said he could fit me in during the lunch break next week since it was just a simple wisdom tooth extraction. Ahh I was so thankful. Then at least I would have 2 weeks to recover 🙂

Come Monday I was sitting in the waiting room with my mother while feeling kind of nervous imagining all the tools we used to set up the surgical trays last summer…we had hemostats, syringes,…scalpels, a couple of blades…I tried not to
think about it. When Dr. K came in and brought us to one of the rooms, we talked about the decision to possibly remove my lower wisdom teeth as well. The risk with these ones was that when I had the CT scan taken a few years ago, it was evident that the roots were actually fused together and around the nerve rather than just appearing in front of it as what it appears in the flat/2D x-ray – a super rare and unfortunate case. So my two evils to choose from were:

  • Remove the lower wisdom teeth – There is a higher risk for damaging the inferior alveolar nerve if the roots are removed. Worst case scenario with a damaged nerve is that I may lose sensation to all of my lower teeth or I couldIMG_8716 have random spasms of pain. If the roots are left in, and just the crown is removed, then there is a higher risk for infection of the roots and they may just rise up out of the gums and possibly damage the nerve in the process.
  • Keep the lower wisdom teeth/do nothing – My lower wisdom teeth are not coming in straight, instead they are coming in at an angle…so I will/and do have pocketing between my wisdom tooth and second molar that it is pushing against, thus food particles and whatever can get stuck in an area that may be unreachable. This can cause cavities and…worst case scenario, if the cavity gets bad enough, may force me to have to extract my second molars.

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First Impressions | Dental School Life

IMG_1893Wow. I still can’t believe that I have officially finished my first semester of dental school. I actually still can’t believe that I’ve made it into dental school. I literally feel that I’ve worked my whole life to get here. Ahhh reminiscing over the countless struggles with my parents dragging me to Math Olypiad, studying for the SAT Vocab, a year of orgo and labs, following a bootcamp schedule to study for the DAT, and the FOMO of staying in while friends were out enjoying the weekend…all has paid off to get me to this point. Weird. And still kind of mind-blowing.

Anyways this was definitely a whirlwind of a semester having started mid-June and ending mid-August with a full set of midterms and finals. A lot of people have asked why our program starts in the middle of the summer rather than in the fall like many other dental schools. My response is always that the summer semester is not supposed to be as rigorous as the fall and Continue reading “First Impressions | Dental School Life”