White Coat Ceremony

Today was a good day. The weird thing is, I never expected today to happen and I still can’t believe it did. Even though we’ve been in dental school for about a month now, I still am in shock that I was accepted to the #1 dental school in the country.

I was so happy that my whole family and E were able to come out to the ceremony. Despite E being on call, it was nice that he was able to escape the hospital for a bit and be there. I love that I can know without a doubt that my family will be there for me and they would never want to miss this because, of course, I wouldn’t be here if it were not for their endless and unwavering support, and their willingness to create a good life for my sister and I from the very start. My mother and father gave me the foundation to set my own priorities and always put in 300% for the success of my future so I can live in a way that they never could. Without their sacrifices, struggles, and their willingness to move half a world away from the homes and families they’ve ever known to provide me a world of opportunities has allowed me to stand here in my white coat on the steps of one of the best dental schools in the country.



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