Birthday + Dental School Acceptance

Yesterday, my dream came true. I got into the top dental school in the US. And it also happened to be my 23rd birthday. What an amazing present. I was beyond happy!

I have been waiting months for this. I have been interviewing for dental schools since September at (in order), University of New England, University of Indiana, University of Detroit Mercy, Tufts, and University of Michigan. I applied to 16 schools, received a total of 6 interviews, and 5 acceptances (I scheduled one of my interviews for December, which I will cancel…because it wasn’t my top and plane tickets are expensive! So not really a chance of me going there.)

The reason I had really been praying and praying for UM to accept me was

  1. We are the top dental school in the US (We are #1!!!)
  2. Opportunities for various externships and outreach programs
  3. The in-state tuition is so much less than out-of-state tuition like you wouldn’t believe (OOS is almost half a million $$$ for 4 years)
  4. My family and bf are here

The only thing that would deter me from going to UM is the cold, but I’m a native Michigander, I can handle it. And possibly wanting to move somewhere new but that can wait.

Yesterday, the day started at 5AM. I’ve been working front desk at the gym which has been forcing me to wake up around 4:15AM every day to get there before 5AM so now my bodily naturally wakes me up earlier than humanly possible even when I don’t have work. (And it’s not really a horrible thing except when the bf doesn’t wake up until 4-5 hours later). I woke up to an email from Indiana University saying that I had been accepted to their dental school! I was happy to know that at least I would become a dentist somewhere. I got on my computer, and started checking student doctor forum. No posts yet. Of course, it was only like 5AM. I was super anxious and tried to direct my focus to how I could install bootcamp on my computer to run windows for…the sims (because it crashes on mac all the time). I even played the sims for a bit, which is still the best game in the world if it didn’t crash so often on my mac. But that’s another story. I was quickly back at texting friends and checking the forum again. 7AM rolled by and people were starting to get phone calls from UM!! I was starting to get nervous. 8AM rolled by. I decided to get off the computer, since all I was doing was really just prowling around the forum seeing what the status was of other pre-dents. I almost didn’t want to brush my teeth or wash my face in case I received the call and was unable to answer the phone! I heard a “ding”, checked my phone, accepted to New England. Okay, now I had options. I didn’t know how long I would wait or whether I would be one of those candidates who would be doing this all day and crying all night. I decided to go to my room and get changed so I wouldn’t be in my PJs all day. As I just finished putting on my shirt, I heard the phone ring. My heart skipped a beat. I looked at the number, it was a UM number and not my health provider’s number. I answered and I heard, “Hi L, this is Brandon from the University of Michigan Dental School…” I gasped and said, “Oh my god!” Brandon on the line laughed and congratulated me on my acceptance to UM Dental School class of 2020. I was SO happy. I ran into my mum’s room, jumped on her bed, and announced the good news!! I quickly texted friends and family.

SUCH a good day.

Now I have the rest of the year to finish up classes, relax, and enjoy knowing that I have officially been accepted into the best profession in the world. GO BLUE!!