Yesterday in the oral surgery clinic we had a rather long case involving a woman in her 30s who had to have all four wisdom teeth removed, a biopsy from a cyst, as well as an implant for #11. Everything went great. Although this was one of the first times I had seen such a huge chunk of the maxilla crack off with the tooth. Apparently the fusion of tooth with bone is called ankylosis. I was so surprised when I saw the oral surgeon pull this out of the patient’s mouth. At first I thought the tooth was rather large then upon looking at it I could see the porous bone that had cracked off from being fused to tooth #1.

Working in the oral surgery clinic is amazing. I am so excited for all that I am learning because although this is different than general dentistry, this should give me a head start on information I will learn and experiences to come later while I am in dental school.


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