Lunch + Visit to the Dental School


Had lunch with my friend, Judy, who’s now in her first year of dental school. We planned to meet at one place but miscommunication and we ended up going to different restaurants! We decided to get food where we were and meet at the dental school.

We chatted for a bit then she showed me around the lab! She said there’s a steep learning curve and that it can be frustrating, time consuming, but at the same time, therapeutic and fun. I also met another one of Judy’s classmates. I asked if it was difficult getting used to using the little mirrors rather than looking directly at what you’re working on. They said it definitely was at first because it’s so easy to just bend over the patient until you realize you’ve been doing that for the past 3 hours and your back and neck starts to hurt. The classmate then showed me a little yellow piece of paper, a small card rather, that had shapes on it that she said she had to trace while looking only at the mirror.

Seeing all this just makes me so excited to start dental school. I just need to do a couple things first haha like finish up classes, take the DAT, and finally, APPLY! Can’t wait for this summer 🙂


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